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About Us

We hereby announce, that New Sairme is ready to welcome the guests! Situated in Sairme, Georgia, the hotel fully corresponds with the modern trend of the interior, unique location and infrastructure. The hotel is spread through the wide area, sloughed in greenness, with comfortable rooms with balcony and breathtaking views promise every visitor the diverse and unforgettable getaway. Our lounge with an open terrace, cosy bar and fireplace, violin and royal melodies, will definitely contribute as a positive addition to your new adventure.

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    Zip Line

    800-meters Zip Line

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    Compak Sporting

    The shooting corner

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    Thermal Pools

    Thermal Pools

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Thermal SPA & Wellness

  • Implies intestines flushed, the thermal mineral waters by means of the above procedure...

  • Massage during impact becomes nervous, humeral and mechanical factors. The skin, impro...

  • Increases the body's immune activity, characterized by anti-inflammatory, analges...


  • Every patient gets graphic of mineral water drinking and the individual relax procedur...

  • General clinical and biochemical laboratory.

  • Ultrasound, e.c.g.

Mineral Waters

  • Chronic cholecystitis, chronic hepatitis non-exacerbated form, and treatment for proph...

  • Diabetes, salt diathesis, arthritis, osteochondrosis.

  • Ulcerative diseases, increased or decreased acidity, colitis, chronic renal disorders,...

Mineral Waters

  • The prophylactics of cellulitis and correction of the body.

  • Neuro circular dystonia, insomnia.

  • Chronic renal disorders, saline diathesis, as well as, prophylactic purposes.